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Sunday, 02 August 2015


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Website Contest 2010 Winners

Greetings Everyone!!!


The seasons of celebrations have come. IEEE Arunai has come up with laurels in website contest. We are happy to inform that we have won II place in Asia Pacific region with remuneration of 350 USD.


  • Management – Vice Chairman: Er. E.V.Kumaran

Managing Director: Dr. E.V.Kamban

Who have supported us on both moral and monitory terms.


  • Our mentors – Director: Dr.M.Arumugam

Principal: Dr.K.S.Mohanavel

For their invaluable guidance.

  • Our beloved counselor Mrs.Vijaya Ravichandran who has spent most of her valuable time for the betterment of the branch on every aspect.

  • Our powerpuff team of the campus. Our appreciation to the team that has a vital role in the rejuvenation of the branch, that includes
    • Papitha.M - Chair
    • Praveen.D – Vice Chair
    • Arthi.A – Treasurer
    • Ram Ganesh – Secretary

Our appreciations to every student who have written articles for the website.

OUR HEARTY APPRECIATIONS AND WISHES TO SANTHOSH who has weaved the website in an exemplary way. Our thanks to Preethi.G and Papitha.M for good quality activity reports.

We invite each and every one of 196 to share this success and celebrate.